ACE has the ability to set up on site laboratory to quality control and quality assures the following site activities:

  • Site Preparation
  • Road Paving
  • Concrete Fabrication and Installation

On site laboratory usually equipped with all tools necessary to perform routine daily tests to quality control materials and fabrication.  ACE central laboratory has all tools and equipment deemed essential to complete the quality control program.


Quality control and quality assurance tests are conducted in accordance to:

  • American Society of Testing Materials ASTM
  • British Standards BS
  • Egyptian Code of Practice ECP

ACE can efficiently test at a daily rate of:

(100 – 120) Field Density

(10 – 12) Plate Loading

(30 – 40) Grain Size Distribution

(20 – 30) Plasticity Indices

(1600 – 2000) cubic meter of fresh concrete