ACE has the capacity to analyze and design different structure elements; staring from tower crane foundation to skeleton of sky scrapers and buildings / structures with potential forces of very unique nature and type. In particular, ACE has the experience and the ability to design the following elements:


Buildings:   Public and Private

Industrial: Pipe Racks, Bridges, Tanks and Towers

Marine:      Jetties, Cofferdams and Seafronts

Earth:        Embankments, Groins, Water Breaks, landfills and Retaining Structures; gravity, reinforced concrete and mechanically stabilized earth


Analysis is usually performed using:

  • Empirical equations in accordance to appropriate Codes, Standards and Guidelines
  • Numerical analysis withproper software; In house using EXCEL andMat Lab facilities, Commercial; ELPLA, M Sheet, Plaxis and Abaqus


Design is carried out in accordance to:

  • American Concrete Institute ACI
  • British StandardsBS
  • American Society for Construction Steel ASCE
  • Unified Building Code UBC
  • International Building Code IBC
  • Egyptian Code of Practice ECP